Types of Heated Gloves

The types of gloves that are heated, have not really changed that much. There are still gloves that rely on the wearers own body heat to help keep hands warm.

These gloves are modern versions of the World War One gloves that had fleece liners. Some modern versions of this glove have a space age heat reflector material built into the lining of the glove.

Chemically Heated Handwear

Some attempts have been made to provide heat to gloves that is generated by the reaction of two chemicals. These are used in rescue work where carrying batteries is not really feasible. This type of glove with heat has never been widely accepted commercially.

Stored Heat Gloves

Before development of efficient battery power for heating gloves there were some products on the market that required the preheating of small gel packets in boiling water. These were to be placed inside inserts on the outside of the gloves. The heat never lasted very long and these products were never well received by consumers.

All other types of gloves with heat are powered by electricity. The variation comes in how that electricity is generated. Gerbing motorcycle cold weather wear is still powered by the electrical system of a motorcycle, but now there are gloves that are heated by batteries, both disposable and rechargeable. Some of the latest designs for gloves with heat connect to a power source by USB connector. This means when camping the gloves can be heated by a solar collector, because solar powered camping lights are now available with USB connectors. These were originally meant to charge cell phones but already are used for emergencies to warm camper’s cold hands.

Where to Buy?

Gloves with heating systems can be purchased in many different places. The most popular and easy way is to purchase them online. Even manufacturers with brick and motor stores now sell their products on their own website and also through other websites. Some large sporting goods chains have several types of heated gloves. These are usually the chemically activated, battery powered and USB solar powered electrically heated type.

Where is the Best Place to Buy?

The best place to buy your heated gloves with heat would depend on the type that you need. If you need a special type, such as for riding on motorcycles, you might want to buy directly from the inventor of motorcycle cold weather gear. For most other purchasers, the best idea is to buy online through a website that guarantees the products. A website like Amazon is definitely customer oriented and a great place to buy any product that involves the use of technology and clothing.