Product Review For Heated Gloves

Any review of clothing products must, by nature, be very subjective. What one consumer likes another will reject. Another problem is defining the meaning of best.

Does best mean the gloves that sell the most, or the gloves that are most effective at keeping hands warm?

You can look online for reviews but often they are sport or activity oriented.

One website has done a review based on effectiveness at heating hands and performance of the batteries that provide power to the heating system.

For motorcycle glove wear, the Gerbing products are rated the best. The rest of gloves that are heated are most often rated by the effectiveness of the batteries. For that reason the best gloves are those powered by NiMh, nickel-metal hydride, rechargeable batteries.

Traditionally, in recent years, the best place to get unbiased ratings on any product sold to consumers has been Consumer Reports. Unfortunately, now that data can only be obtained by paying for an account.

Based on Information from other ratings institutes, the top three heated gloves appear to be as follows.

The Best Heated Gloves That is actually the name of the glove model. This one is rated best buy the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because of a new thinsulate material that contains the heating element.

Gerbings Gloves Because of a long history of providing gloves that work to keep hands ware during cold days riding motorcycles, the full range of Gerbings gloves are considered excellent products.

Grabber Warmers Gloves These gloves are, arguably, the most popular with the general consumer public. They price is right and they work well enough to keep buyers happy.